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NEWS (104)

25 April 2016 a seminar in which the essence and significance of the “Law of Parliament Control” that has come into force 12 April this year were considered in JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”. The Company structural subdivisions’ heads and employees took part in this seminar.

Information message

05.02.2016 y.

Dear customers,

JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” informs that handling of international and local postal items is delayed for the technical reasons in the branch “Halkaro Pochtamt”. We make our apologies to the postal service customers for the inconveniences that take place.

By JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” stockholders’ general meeting decision dated 29.01.2016 Atamukhamedov Sh.M. was appointed Director General of the JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi”.

15 January 2016 JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” prepared and the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan put into circulation postage stamp “150 years of International Union of Telecommunications”.

A meeting (round table talk) on the theme “Constitution – basis of our prosperity” devoted to the 23rd anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was organized by JSC “Uzbekiston Pochtasi” together with the Republic Center of spiritual and propaganda. The company employees, the company branches “Toshkent Pochtamti” and “Halkaro Pochtamt” employees took part in this event.